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Free or cheap resources for photographers...

Here in the DMV, (D.C., Maryland, Virginia for those outside the area), we are pretty much in a lockdown state with the COVID-19 pandemic in place. It's not as bad as some places like CA which is in a full shelter in place mode. Still, us photographers, especially portrait photographers are going stir crazy trying to find something to do. So here are some resources I found that has free or very inexpensive products or training during the world wide pandemic.

I am in no way paid or affiliated with any of the links and companies below :)

Nikon has free training and also have good inspirational and how-to articles. It's not just for Nikon users so check them out at

If you are not fully vested in Adobe products, I highly recommend checkout Serif's Affinity line of products. Affinity Photo is the closest clone to Photoshop that I have seen and Affinity Designer is their version of Adobe Illustrator. The other product they offer is Affinity Publisher. Normally each product goes for $50 which is a one time fee instead of a subscription. Now they are running a special through the pandemic for each product being only $25 a piece. They have iPad apps also for 50% off at $9.99 each for Photo and Designer. I highly recommend checking them out at

Jared Polin is a youtube celebrity who is a photographer. His video's are pretty good and funny but I don't necessarily agree with all of his views.

From his website:

Access the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Flash Photography right here . You can choose to "Pay What You Want" for it. Some have paid $5 others $25 and some even more. Access the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Getting Out of Auto right here .You can choose to "Pay What You Want" for it. Some have paid $5 others $25 and some even more.

FStoppers is giving away it's Photography 101 tutorial for a limited time:

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