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JPG vs RAW....

My hope is to post every Friday. With the state of the world right now and COVID-19, I may have more time than I would like, so I should be able to make regular posts. It also means I will have more time to play with my camera and new Moza Air 2 Gimbal and start trying to produce some videos. (Youtube channel coming in the future).

One of the biggest debates I see in the photography world is the debate of whether to shoot jpg or raw files. Me personally, this is a no brainer and will always shoot raw. Sure jpg files are smaller, but you sacrifice the ability to recover so much data by shooting jpg. I currently shoot both raw and jpg files of the same image but that is only so I can have the jpg uploaded to my ipad in real time. That will be changing once I buy the Tether Tools Air Direct wireless tethering device, then it will be 100% raw. A review of that will be coming once I buy it sometime in the next few months.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the jpg vs raw debate.

Until next time....keep on creating!!!

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