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New Toys

Apple just released the 2020 iPad pro and I ended up buying the 12.9" 1TB model that has both cellular and wi-fi. I'm pretty excited about being able to use it as laptop replacement once my keyboard from Brydge arrives sometime in April. The bigger screen real estate is going to be a big benefit for showing pictures immediately to customers while on a shoot. I also picked up a 35mm f/1.8 S lens for my Nikon Z6. There was a one day crazy sale where it was over $300 off so I paid $600 instead of the normal $900. I just couldn't pass it up. My next toy is going to be the Tether Tools Air Direct wireless tethering device. Currently SnapBridge does not transfer RAW files to an iOS device and the Air Direct will, and much faster than SnapBridge. I think that editing on the iPad Pro will become more of a thing as I won't need to drag my laptop with me everywhere.

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